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Welcome to “Just by Grace”!

I am so glad you stopped by!

I have attended Christian churches since I was young. That is where I got to know the Bible and found out how wonderful it was. Today, I still like the Bible very much – so much so that I am writing Bible curriculum for children.

I currently live with my husband, whom I married in 2016, and spend most of my time creating this curriculum. The Bible has the power to change one’s life and fill it with joy. Not only can it change lives, but it is a book that can also give eternal life. I have always wanted to tell many people about this. I never knew how I was going to go about doing that, but then at the perfect timing, God gave me this wonderful opportunity. I am so excited to start “Just by Grace!”

Bible and coffee

The Bible has been called the world’s best seller, but as it is a very thick book, many may consider it quite difficult to read from beginning to end. To be honest, I’ve never completely read any other book as thick as the Bible…! In “Just by Grace”, I plan on picking out 100 stories from the Bible and sharing what I learn from them, one story at a time. Let’s journey into the world of the Bible together (*^^*)

About the name

The name “Just by Grace” was taken from my name “Megumi” (Grace.) I very much like my name, and am appreciative to my mother who chose it for me.

When my mother first found out about God, it was this Bible passage “by grace” that led her to commit her all to God. She realized knowing God isn’t achieved through one’s efforts or talents, but “by grace”, given by God to us. When I was born two years later, my mother named me “Megumi” (Grace.)

Journeying into the world of the Bible – the guide of our life, the light of our feet, the shield that protects us from the rough waves of life – is one of the greatest charms of life. And for me, sharing that journey with someone else makes it even more exciting.

When I decided to sail out into this journey, I gave my ship the name “Just by Grace”. This journey is not one that can be achieved through my efforts or talents, but one that will be brought to life “by grace”. I thank my mother who gave me a wonderful name and poured out God’s love over me.

※Ephesians chapter 2 verse 5

About “Benjamin”

God led Benjamin from Australia, led me from Tokyo, and guided us to marriage in Hokkaido. We currently leave near Sapporo, Japan.

Benjamin is not only the translator of “Just by Grace”, but also assists as an advisor for all areas of this site. He is completely bilingual, one who has scored full marks in a TOEIC test, and is a reliable technical support agent at WordPress.com. He works for the American company Automattic, and assists with homepage building full time. I’m not good with machines, (even a copy machine can give me headaches,) and so this project would not have been possible without his support. As his wife, I am proud of Benjamin and completely trust in him.

Benjamin’s parents came from Australia to Japan about 30 years ago as missionaries. His father is the pastor I respect the most, who is excellent in both passion and ministry of Biblical education. My husband is a faithful Christian, and a wonderful preacher, who holds outstanding Bible knowledge and faith, cultivated from a young age.

I thank my husband, who has supported me full heartedly as I prepared to sail off into the deep on this journey “Just by Grace”. I also thank my parents-in-law who passionately taught me knowledge and truths from the Bible.

The day I was born anew

I was born in Tokyo as the youngest of 4 siblings. I started attending church when I was young and grew up hearing stories from the Bible. I really liked God, and I knew many Bible stories. But for 20 years, I never experienced “new birth,” even though I thought I had.

One day, I became seriously ill, but I didn’t have the assurance that I would go to heaven, should I die. That was when I realized for the first time that I hadn’t understood the truths of the Bible. I had never considered my sins. I had attended church from before I was born, and I had convinced myself that I was a good person and a Christian. I had been focused on the treasure box, but not the treasure inside. That day, I realized I had not understood the fact that Jesus Christ had taken the punishment of my sins for me. I prayed, “God, please forgive my sins. I believe that Jesus paid the sacrifice for me.”

That day, I embarked on a journey to fill my treasure box with treasures. 4 years later, I met my future husband and his parents, and they have helped me in my journey for treasures in many ways. I was greatly changed that day I was born anew. The Bible has become a world full of life, a scenery of vibrant colours.

What makes the Bible distinct from all other literature is that it is a living book, containing the breath of God. The Bible is a strange book, one we see deeper and deeper into as we open up each small room we have in our hearts. My desire is that each person who visits “Just by Grace” will fill their treasure boxes with truths found by journeying with me into the mysterious world of the Bible, where taking a different point of view will extend its height, depth and breadth infinitely.

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