Komatsua Smoothie

komatsuna green smoothie

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komatsuna and bananas

Komatsuna (also known as the Japanese mustard spinach) is rich in many nutritions.

It has a high level of carotene, and is good for assisting the immune system and preventing cancer.

Not only that, but after intake, carotene is transformed into vitamin A. This is then good for the health of your hair, eyes and skin, and also works to protect your respiratory system, such as your throat and lungs.

Neither my husband nor I have a very strong body, so we drink komatsuna smoothies, looking forward to all these benefits (*^^)v

It’s really easy to make, and more delicious than you would expect, too!♪♪

Ingredients (Servings: 2)

komatsuna green smoothie before blend
  • Komatsuna 2 bunches
  • Banana 2 small sticks
  • Soy milk 200 cc
  • Water 300 cc


Simply combine the water and soy milk with the banana and komatsuna, and blend♪

komatsuna green smoothie
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